• Our Profile

    AGL INDUSTRIES LIMITED is involved in exports of fresh culinary herbs & exotic vegetables, from India (Gujarat) under the brand name of "AGL INDUSTRIES". The Company being in agri-business from almost a year and has a band width of increasing 3 fold more since the demand for fresh herbs and exotic vegetables is growing even faster as a sub-set, due to heightened consumer interest in healthy eating, growing ethnic food concept, a trend toward strong ethnic tastes, and growing convenience food popularity.

    World market demand for herbs and spices is estimated at $ 28.25 billion in 2008 and growing 3% annually. As part of the AgVantage Import support program, the project team is supported by one of the lead importer to consolidate and magnify the shipments to higher-value markets in Western Europe.

    We are certified for GLOBALGAP qualifying for all the compliance criteria's involved in production and post harvest technology including HACCIP.
    Our products already being in the Europe markets and Asia Pacific Countries, standards and quality maintenance are already been aware off.

  • Current Scenario

    It is estimated that domestic market consumption alone of these herbs is approximately 300 tons/annum and while approx. only 50 tons are produced indigenously. Bulks of these herbs are used for culinary purposes and the rest for medicinal and cosmetic preparations. Demand for herbs has been increasing progressively with increase in number of star hotels, multinationals establishing consumer oriented cosmetics and pharmaceutical units, super markets domestically and internationally. Currently most of these herbs are grown in large quantities and marketed by France, UK, Canada, Turkey, Germany, Russia, Asia pacific regions and USA. The foreign exchange earned by these countries through export of herbs and their products is quite substantial. The international market of herbs and medicinal plants related trade is estimated at US $ 150 billion/year having a growth rate of 8.1% per annum.

  • Our Role in Agricultural Development

    AGL INDUSTRIES LIMITED with its international experience in providing extensive technical and agronomic services specializes in the integration of all steps of the agricultural development process and is involved in performing viz., feasibility studies of installing green houses, atomized irrigation design, equipment selection, transportation, installation and implementation, staff training, irrigation and crop management, peripheral consulting and marketing etc in more than 10 different countries including India.

    This also provided an excellent perception and assimilation of agricultural, socio-cultural, economic and demographic factors prevailing in rural areas, which aided AGL INDUSTRIES in assisting small & marginal farmers effectively and transform their farm prospects radically. In sharp contrast with other agricultural companies, AGL INDUSTRIES agronomists and irrigation experts stay on the farms and supervise and advise the GROWERS and local people in carrying out the project. Thus, the AGL INDUSTRIES is a leader in integrating the need of the farming community with its vast technical expertise and capabilities in the area of agricultural development.

  • Marketing

    Millions of consumers the world over have started appreciating the health and nutrition benefits of fresh culinary herbs and related produced food commodities. According to a recent survey by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the demand for herbs food commodities in the USA, is of the order of US $ 135 billion. Similarly, the demand in Europe continent has touched 85 billion Pound Sterling. In fact there are exclusive supermarkets and food stores in different parts of the USA and Europe. There are major international expositions on fresh culinary herbs, which are held every year, in the USA, Europe and Japan, providing a comprehensive forum for the spread and exchange of information on all aspects of herbs production and marketing.

    The demand for fresh culinary herbs in India is however is still insignificant; but there are certain sections of the Society who are more enlightened and who are also reasonably affluent, who have started clamoring for exotic vegetables, herbs and fruits. Even AGL INDUSTRIES collaborators in Israel/Europe and prospective buyers in Middle East, Singapore and Germany have recommended growing these fresh herbs and exotic vegetables following international standards, on the basis that there will be no competition for these products and full marketability is guaranteed.


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